Humbly looking for feedback. Tribute Page project

Hello there.

Finally finished the tribute page project. It seems that I put almost everything into it. Nevertheless, it full of imperfections and perfection is still so far away; but I already exhausted from trying to make it better.

So, l’m looking for feedback. I really need it.
Thank you.

Very nice. I’m curious how you created the moving text. It seems like you are very advanced for the project assigned.

For creating this moving text u need to add a library called typed.js -> and initialize it with one line of code; and you’re done.

This project just looks advanced because of relatively “fine” design but under the hood, there is a mix of as simple as possible skeletons. For instance, a parallax effect and timeline section were created based on tutorials from w3schools.
I just understood how they work and integrate them with my own vision and design, but the inner logic is still the same - the most basic one.

Wow! That’s a brilliant tribute page! I totally agree with Vespiro. You are too advanced for this project.