Humbly Requesting Feedback on Portfolio Page

Hey guys, I finished my porfolio page but I’d love some feedback as far as what could make it better, rookie UX/design mistakes, and what might be smart to learn next.

Thanks in advance! Love this community!


Hi Alex…Good work! I would suggest using a darker shade in the About section to make the white text easier to ready. For me it was a bit washed out and therefore hard to read. Overall a good job though.

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Looks cool although as if it was scratched horizontally. You could give it more contained look, if not the whole page, then only the contact form. See how email and msg fields are very wide? It looks strange.

In other words… why did you commented out that <div class = "container"> ? :smiley:

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Some problems on mobile:

The nav menu icon doesn’t work. I think you forgot to import Bootstrap.js in the JS settings (but that requires jQuery, so import that first).

The text in the About section gets squeezed together. The textboxes also break.

I suggest replacing the second textbox with a <textarea>, which is multi-line.

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