HyDraCode's Tribute Page Feedback

Hello everyone, I just finished my Tribute Page. Hope you guys spend some time and give a feedback about my page. Thank you
Link to the challenge:

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Hi, as a beginner your project is decent. Here Some suggestions that will help you to enhance the quality of the webpage.

Note: these suggestions aren’t mandatory being a beginner you have done a good job.

  1. You need to change the colour combination keep it simple.
    Tip: Use a maximum of 3 colours on the webpage that compliment each other.

  2. Give some margin and align items properly especially the nav bar and footer.

  3. In your code you have used &nbsp too many times use CSS properties instead try to keep the code short and clean.

  4. Add comments wherever necessary for other developers to understand easily ( this isn’t important for this project as it’s small in size ).

Considering your level you have done a good job.

Best luck with your further learning.
Happy Coding.

Thank you for your feedback. Im so happy that my website decent because at first Im not too confident with it. Anyway, thank you for having a really specific feedback, I will do better next time :slight_smile:

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