Hyperlinks directs me to my pc

hi guys!
Just started to learn html and i got an assignment to submit.
Problem is - hyperlinks doesn’t work. I worte this code using the href:
<a href()=“https://store.playstation.com/en-il/product/blahblah>STANDARD EDITION</a()> -without the ()
When I open the page, I can press the link, but instead of showing me the page of the game, it kindda directs me to a file in my pc (file:///D:/Windows/users/admin/desktop/“https://store.playstation.com/blahblah”). When i press the link through the compiler (Notepad++) it works.
how do i fix that?

The problem is at the end of your href you should not put () it should be href=
and your a tag should be close like </a> not </a()>
so your link should look like <a href=“https://store.playstation.com/en-il/product/blahblah>STANDARD EDITION</a>

Hello Barel077,
Your implementation of the anchor (a tag) is wrong. You can check out the link below to see how to implement them and learn other attributes you can use in the anchor tag.

Hope this helps.

Happy Coding.