I agree, the new update for the Responsive Web Design certification is awful

The structure compared to the legacy version is much more confusing with unlabled lessons as well as the lack of hints and information.

As a beginner, using the now “legacy” version was by far more helpful, interesting, and beginner friendly in comparison the now current version which gives you less help as well as making the process uninteresting resulting in me getting stuck. No Get Help Feature, no download my solution, nothing.

Such a shame to be honest.

If you get stuck, you can, as before, ask questions on the forum.

The Get Help button hit some technical snags but is coming back soon. In the meantime, good old copy-paste still works.

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I have a novice friend starting FCC web dev training as soon as her new laptop arrives, and I just told her she’s lucky there is a new layout… I hope I didn’t overstate it. Luckily I’ll be here if she hits any snags.

I did the legacy class, but went through several lessons in the Beta a while back and found them to be more like real design. After completing the full curriculum using codepen, I was surprised when I went to build on my own site that I hadn’t learned how to import required packages, how to link all my separate files together, and more because codepen does it for you, and the course work never discussed it. This new layout seems to be geared a lot more to how to actually build a site, not how to enter simple code snipits.

On the other hand, not having the hints to turn to in a pinch, or an automatic post-to-forum button could be very off-putting… I hope they resolve those soon. Even trying to help people on the forum, I’m finding more questions without the challenge linked making it harder to help…

Anyway, just a few growing pains that will hopefully fill out nicely. But I do believe this new curriculum will help you understand web developement at lot more thouroughly.

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This is coming soon! There is an open PR adding this feature.

I suspect that a new user who is starting fresh with the updated content won’t have any issues. We’ve had new students learning via these lessons (in the form of a beta release) for several months. For those of us who have been here for a while, we’re used to the old style of lessons, so it throws off our flow a bit.

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