I almost gave up at React


Important message for those who, like me, almost gave up on learning while going through Front End Libraries curriculum (particularly React part) - don’t.

So far it was a smooth and fun ride for me, but problems started when I got to React - I didn’t understand it, syntax was crazy, I had to use hints for every challenge there, etc. In moments of hardship like this the imposter syndrome kicks in and you start giving up. I was truly on the edge. What I did though helped and I just completed React challenges again, this time with full understanding of it.

What helped me get through this:

  • I read the documentation
  • I read the articles
  • I watched a beginner’s course on FCC youtube channel
  • I started again, this time noting important concepts down in a notebook!

Sometimes just using one source isn’t enough and it’s okay if you don’t understand something at first glance. Remember, treat yourself like your best friend, take some rest time, give yourself enough space to fit some failings and NEVER-EVER-GIVE-UP. :slight_smile:

You’re gonna make it!


Thank you so much for lifting !!!


Thanks for the motivation


Thank you so much for lifting

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