I already know programming, now, what's next?

Hello everybody. I have learned how to program. I have used Python, Java and C++. I already know about basic concepts of databases, like SQL, Normal Forms, constraints, and I have made some little projects. I also have an little understanding of data structures like queue, lists, set, graph and trees. But, what should I study now? What roadmap do I have to follow to become developer?

If you think that you already have the skills to be a professional developer, then you start applying for jobs.

Since I don’t know you, I can’t recommend which skills to focus on. From your self-assessment though, it sounds like the next step is to start tacking something more complex than “some little projects”. If you have an idea for a really cool thing to build, jump into it. If not, maybe start looking at open source projects that are relevant to your interests. In either case, you’ll probably find yourself having to learn a ton tools and skills specifically for that project. That sort of learning-as-you go is how we gain a lot of our knowledge.


Hello Ariel. Thank you for your answer. I think I’m not ready for searching a job. I do not feel I have enough knowledge. I would like to become backend developer.

I will take your advice and I will find an open source project and work on it.
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This feeling might never go away, to the point it has a name:
Imposture Syndrome

You might apply for a few jobs, and get an interview you don’t feel ready for.
You might get the job from the interview, and not feel ready for the job.
You might get offered more responsibility at the job you’ve been working at, and not feel ready for it.

The list can keep going on and on. Sometimes its true, sometimes its not. Every time the same fact remains, you do have some element of readiness. Its all about taking that leap and even when you fail, you get back up and keep going.

Its possible you will apply to a few jobs and get no response, or get rejected. This is normal. Job hunting can take a while and will include a number of rejections. That doesn’t mean your not ready, only that the opportunity your looking at didn’t work out.

Applying for jobs is a skill in itself, so just like learning to program, you need to learn and get experience applying for jobs.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building, and start applying!

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“Developer” is a pretty broad term, do you have a specific domain in mind? It would at least help guide you in some direction.

Applying for jobs (or just looking at jobs) might also help shed some light on what subjects you need to learn more about. Again, it really depends on what type of developer you want to become. Most are domain-specific.

Web dev roadmap

Hello Brad. Thanks for your answer. It’s very wise. Maybe It’s time I have to search for a job. But my principal fear is I have never had job experience either I have worked with a team.

It’s true what you say about impostor syndrome. I have friends that had felt same.

We have to jump, and get experience.

Thanks for your inspirational words. I feel better. Now I do not have fear of fail.
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Hello Lasse. Thanks for your answer. I want to be a backend developer.
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