I also have my portfolio ready but not sure if its good enough to get hired

I have done some websites and all that and this is my portfolio page https://giordifungula.github.io/Giordi-Fungula-Portfolio.github.io/
just not sure what I need to work on more .

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Things to work on:

  • Spelling and some grammar (I understand this is frustrating if you are a non-native English speaker, but it is important. I can point out some of the problems if you wish).
  • Design principles.
  • Web applications

Fixing spelling and grammar errors is easy once you know where they are. It doesn’t look like any of your projects showcase JavaScript skills. If you are trying to get a job making basic static websites, you might want to improve your design skills a bit (whitespace, fonts, centering, image aspect ratio, etc.). If you aren’t so much concerned about design, I would start learning how to make web applications with JavaScript, React, Node, D3, Mongo, etc. by following the path of the freeCodeCamp curriculum. I would say you are doing good, but if I was looking for someone to make me a website, I would probably search around a little bit more.

Also, your portfolio link is very long and impossible to remember. If you are trying to market your services, try using a domain name that is easy to remember and type in such as gfungula.com or giordi.me just as an example.

Thank you Sir for the response I will have to look over my page and correct some grammer yes. I am trying to grasp the basics of Javascript to add that extra piece to my projects and my work thanks .

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Nice work. A couple of suggestions. The overall design feels a bit wide for the content - maybe reduce the content width of the page. Also, make sure the width of the navigation bar content is the same as the rest of the page. Also, the color scheme feels a bit too plain. The design doesn’t really pop. Try playing around with different backgrounds - many websites use a darker color for the footer to ‘anchor’ the page.

thank you
I will have a look at the site and do the changes :slight_smile: thanks