I am 20.. And i have a dreams

I am 20…
And i think that it’s a good age to learn code.
But… I have a lot of problems…

I do not have the patience … I am afraid to learn and I do not find a job … I have learned html and css … now I learn jQuery … but I find many people. They are more skilled than me and they know more than me. But they do not seem to be working with high salaries … I want to tell me stories about you in this area … Now I learn the front-end … and I do not know. What’s next … Do I specialize in the front-end. Or I also learn the back-end … and become a fall-stack … also now learn ui ux design … and i do not like databases and things like MySql … but I love programming languages ​​too … I know it’s a problem It’s complicated but … this is my case. Briefly

Don’t do anything for money. Do it because you love it…


I know that. But i want to be save in the future… I love programming… And i ignore my college :mortar_board: ( commerce) to learn programming… But if i just learn front-end and UI. UX Design… can i found a good job??

I share the same story. I ignore my college studies to some extent to learn programming but I know I may not get a job since I am self thought but I don’t care. you can do other things or pursue other career and do coding at the same time. I am in lawschool yet I love coding.
And I am sure you will get a job. but, it depends on were you live. I am from Africa specifically Ethiopia, so here getting a job is impossible. But, don’t lose your faith in coding.

FYI UX/UI are quite recent fields! Were I am from they are non existent.

I am from Egypt…
The same Africa :earth_africa: :sweat_smile:
Thanks man

you’re welcome man. Ya, haha

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We will deal with it though.

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This has lead many astray…

People mistaken passions for careers. What was once a loved past-time would quickly become a chore.

Thus if I could offer a bit of more realistic advice from my extra decade on this earth:

Don’t do it for solely money. Do it because you love like it and it allows you to do the things you love

Money doesn’t buy you happiness but it sure as hell makes it easier to obtain.


Keep doing what you like man… the sky is your limit. There are several freelancing sites that require your services. So, feel free to search for them and don’t be afraid to try.

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I love coding. I do it because it’s a passion…but I don’t make money out of coding. I do make money out of the websites I create, though. Like, creating marketing websites where people pay for their ads. That way, the sometimes-stressful parts of coding is not directly related to the ‘job’.
If customers complain, the complaints would be directed at the content of the website, and not the program or website itself :slight_smile:
I think that coding for money (i.e. creating websites for money) would be too stressful, unless you’re quite skilled in the art, but personally I would not undertake something that would associate something I love doing with the frustration of it becoming a chore / duty.
Like @obed says, the sky is your limit, especially when it comes to programming.

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