I am a bootcamp instructor who is on furlough for at least the next two weeks. Who is interested in a free (virtual) class?

Hi everyone,

my name is David and I am instructor at Web Development boot-camp in Cincinnati, OH. I just learned that I will be on furlough for at least the next two weeks.

I’m interested in teaching a virtual class for free to anyone who is interested.

Right now I’m thinking I would do four hours a day Monday-Friday, most likely in the afternoons (Eastern Time). I am also thinking I would start with HTML, do CSS, and then Vanilla JS if we get there.

My Questions would be.

  1. Would you be interested in a an online class?

  2. If you are interested what times would you be interested in? (I’m open to different times during the day)

  3. If you are interested, what FCC sections would you want covered? (I’m open to covering different sections as long as I feel I can teach them).

If there is enough interest I will post a sign -up sheet in the next couple of days.

  1. Yes, 100%
  2. Any time works
  3. I feel like covering more basic and then doing a complete project site on codepen would work. I just finished the applied visual design & css section and it went super deep into a lot of different attributes. I was able to complete the exercises, but I’m not sure I retained or understood all of the information.
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This is perfect. I’m in anytime.

1: Yes
2: GMT+1 at 10:00 or later
3: Object Oriented Programming or ES6. I finish JS and CSS/HTML already so something a bit more advanced seem to work for me. Not to advanced though.

Is it possible to cover something for those who created a portfolio and looking for jobs like sort of guidance? Or helping with some project ideas for portfolio or about improving their portfolio?

Hey everyone, it looks like there isn’t enough interest to do an online class, so I’m going to schedule 1 on 1s with anyone interested. I’ll reach out by PM to everyone who’s responded so far and schedule a time for us to talk about your questions.

Hi David, same situation here. Stuck in quarantene. Should we coordinate? I have extra capacity and I am on the UTC +2 timezone (Italy).

Also wandering, Quincy is thinking about setting up a Discord server. Will that involve tutoring?

Hello @davidreke are you still conducting the virtual classes?

Unfortunately, this project never got off the ground. Sorry.

But are you still planning on them? Because that would be awesome!

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