I am a C programmer , want to Switch to Web


I have been working as basic C- Programmer for around 10+ years in support roles.
I don’t find myself building up anything myself interesting with the coding skills i have now nor i can freelance.

So wanted to switch career by learning website design and start building real websites for local vendors and slowly scale up my career. And having plans to establish my own company (if all goes well).

I need advice as of switching career after 10+ yrs of C experience to Web is advisable or a mistake. I do like to build up websites and web apps for needy people or businesses to startup initially. Also want to be confident in what im doing and teach others too and help them in their career building.

If it’s an area that interests you, then I don’t see why it would be a mistake. Of course, many of your skills will transfer well and will make learning web programming much easier, but I also encourage you to keep in mind that you will be working in a different technology set with its own advantages and constraints. If you’re new to JavaScript, it will feel very weird after 10 years of C development. Try not to compare apples to oranges. JavaScript was written for a very different context than C.

If you choose to stay in traditional industry employment, the need for web programming is only growing. As you observed, it is also better suited for freelancing. Freelancing and/or starting your own business gets into a whole different aspect of a career change that I can’t speak to with authority.

Hi Ariel,

I enjoy programming but realized working in a language like C , could not really implement more useful for people around me. As per my understanding every new business really needs web support in the form of website, web app…etc for advertisement, promoting products, collecting data…etc. I like to be more on front facing side of businesses than being on backend. But what i am really worried is my experience in IT is in C which pays more, and switching to web will be a fresh start so will it be easy to compete with pool of experienced web guys out there present already.

I have a vision to succeed in web building and eventually establish my own company in a duration of 5 yrs or so.

My main concern being i got bored with C and also could not find nice challenging jobs and could not implement any challenging work on my own using the C skills during this 10 yrs. The reasons are many, as the resources and help available today online was not there 10 yrs back when i started up my career. so now i feel very low and not confidence in working with C which is more towards extinction.

so want to take up new technology path, but really worried about demand of work by new companies for my level of experience. As i think companies do have option to hire freshers in place of senior programmers to cut the costs. why would a company pay more to a 10+ guy starting freshly in web rather than a fresher with same skills.

I would imagine that it’s true that if you go looking for a web development job with only C on your resume, you may not get hired for as senior (and therefore as high-paying) a position as you currently have. That said, in programming people do change domains during their career fairly often. Keep in mind that today’s web developers are often working with technologies, tools, and even concepts that didn’t exist a few years ago. I can only guess, but I would think that if you can add web development experience (even if it is open source contributions and projects that you do on your own time) to your resume and perform well on a web programming interview, that it wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows to be changing your area of focus.

Yes i did start learning HTML, CSS on freecodecamp initially, and planning to catch up JS, bootstrap, JQuery…and even add more as i progress. i hope i will be landing up in some free projects soon after i completed my web courses. can you please suggest any nice sites to work and build cool web projects for free and learn eventually.

I really do believe that freeCodeCamp is the best free resource available (and better than many paid resources). Because you have so much experience, you may choose to skip many of the lessons, but the projects would be a really good way to check how far your skills have progressed. Since you’re interested in freelancing, you can use those projects as a starting place to make models for the types of websites and applications you would build for clients.

Why are you bothered the things like that? You are already an experienced programmer and to get familiarized with some web technologies will not be challenging to you I guess. Just pick some good materials on the topic you are interested in either on freecodecamp or somhwere else. I believe you have already worked as a freelancer, and you know how to work with customers and so far so on.

doesnt sound bad at all to me, and at least your current exp. is related to the field, im a chef and im teaching myself. what’s more apples to oranges than that?!
doesnt make sense to NOT learn new skills, go for it, work hard, and get to that next step you want to be. BOL2U.

You could try using your skills together, writing web UIs to control devices with firmware written in C. It’s ultimately up to you though which projects interest you, and they might not involve C at all.

I’m not one of those people who think C knowledge automatically makes someone a better programmer, but C does require a certain attention to detail that does carry over into other languages. If I were looking over candidates for a web dev job, a CV that shows C experience would carry a lot of weight with me.

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