I am a new in here, so any can help me figure out this

I heard somewhere there are 1409 challenges in FFC. Is this number the total of all challenges from all courses? I want to practice HTML . How many challenges will be there for only HTML ? I

Did you take a look at the Responsive Web Design Curriculum?

Basic HTML/HTML5 have about 28 challenges.

In basic HTML & HTML5, there are 28.

Yeah, now I figured it out now.
Lesson learned “Keep patience for little while”.
Thanks guys for your effort

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There are 28 challenges in Basic HTML.

Yes. Something like that.

Basic HTML challenges = 28

The whole “Responsive Web Design” curriculum = 189
(if I added them all up correctly).

The Certification = 5 projects


Thank you for your effort. I got my head cleared already. I am doing good with course now.

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Thank you for that. I understood now how it works.

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