I am a student and I don't have anything to donate

I am a student and I don't have anything to donate


is it ok not to donate anything?. because I am just a student who just want to learn coding.


Donation - something that is given to a charity.

In order to donate you must have something. If you don’t have that something then you can’t donate. You don’t have money. So you can’t donate money, But if you learn from free code camp, you will get something that you can donate. That is your skill. So learn everything from Free Code Camp by thinking I will help an NGO with my skills. And soon you will be a donor.


The donations are just suggested.

Free Code Camp is completely free, so you do not have to pay if you cannot afford to.


Its totally okay to not to donate but I guess once you start earning from skills that you learned from FCC then donating will be a very good choice.


Thank you very much sahilsunny for this view! It helps me a lot!

Kind regards, Verena


I’m retired and on a fix income, so I can’t donate monetarily. However, I hope to help people learn coding, so I am “donating” my time and effort. Perhaps, as you learn more, you can do the same.


@barrycarter brings up an excellent point… Being able to give back to the community and donate your time means a lot too. My goal as a community member was first to be able to learn enough to be able to turn around and help others. Next is to get into my new career and on my feet so that I can also give back financially.