I am about to tart Dynamic Web Applications Projects...what to expect?

So today I’ve completed my Data-Visualization curriculum, which I feel very proud considering that about 6 months ago I started from scratch.

That being said, I am looking at the Voting App and I feel this is the biggest challenge yet, especially with dealing authentication. Furthermore, if I want to implement with React.js (which I think I will), I feel I need to brush up again since previous React.js projects involved only single-pages.

For those who completed the Voting App, what resources helped you out?

Have you done the microservices yet? If you don’t have a good handle on Node, definitely have a crack at those first.

For authentication, I used passwordless authentication (see my medium post for a primer on that).

I didn’t wire up React for the voting app, but @bonham000 did - so he might have some pointers for you.

Yep, I finished all of the Microservices (I’ve actually payed them back a visit to review my Node stuff).
I’ll take a look at your medium post tomorrow. Thanks a bunch!

I’m doing voting app now. My suggestion would be to first implement the API with whatever tools you worked with in the url shortener. The big difference is that adding polls will come from form based rather than parameter (url) based requests.

Then add a front end (I’m just using erb right now for simplicity), then add auth. The curriculums suggests starting with clementine which has auth built in but for me it was too big of a jump.

Once I realized it’s no more challenging from the back end than the url shortener is my mind accepted the challenge better.

Not finished yet but that’s how I would do it another time around


This will be counter intuitive but I started with a blank slate. Its easy to learn how to get it working and serving static pages, then implement a auth system like passwordless. If you’re not comfortable with react, use PUG (formerly JADE)! Super simple!

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