I am asked to close the tag and I thing i have closed the tag but it seems its not and I cannot go further

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I am asked to close the tag and I thing i have closed the tag but it seems its not and I cannot go further.
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<h1>Hello World</h1>
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Challenge: Headline with the h2 Element

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Hi @Abdallaboss and welcome to the forum,

In HTML, the syntax of the tags should be in lowercase. You can compare what you wrote with the existing h1 that was already in the code:

<!-- Opening and closing tags are in lowercase -->
<h1>Hello World</h1>

<!-- Opening tag in uppercase and closing tag in lowercase, wrong syntax -->

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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I think that technically HTML doesn’t care, but it definitely is best practice, and FCC is rightly enforcing it. And it would create confusion later on with things like React where your React pseudo-HTML are PascalCased and it might screw things up. So, yeah, keep your HTML elements lowercase.

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You’re right, if you put in uppercase both opening and closing tags, it will work the same. Lowercase is a good practice. That’s why I preferred use “should” than “has to” because theoretically it is not a compulsory rule.

I think it still works in HTML if they’re mixed (at least in my browser.) But FCC is enforcing that they match. (And should probably enforce that they are lowercase.)

I don’t know why I always told myself that it would consider them different if they are mixed. It was wrong to think like that because if it works with uppercase it means it still consider the content as title for example and then there is no reasons that it doesn’t work in being mixed. Thanks for the update @kevinSmith :slight_smile:

It’s just what the HTML standard chose, to not care about case. But again, lowercase is pretty much the de facto standard.

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