I am asking concerning javascript

Hello my fellow campers, am glad that I have joined here. Let me ask this silly question. What is the better way of simplifying javascript

I think you need to explain what you mean.

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What I mean, javascript syntax is hard on my side, I need some tips on how to understand it easily

Learning to code with any language can be difficult to understand when you first start. You just have to search for answers via the web or ask others (like here on the forum) when you get confused about something.

Do you know other programming languages? If so, which ones?

This book (free online) has helped many:


Am very thankful for your reponse. I know basic python syntax.
I am new in programming field

Tirjasdyn, I am very appreciative of your concern!

If you can learn the basics of Python, you can learn the basics of JS.

Thank you all for the motivation