I am complete lost where to start?

Hey guys, I want to learn to become a pro coder! I have started learning for 5 days, however, I am not whether I am on the right path or not. I have started learning HTML.

Can anyone help me to know a path like what language I should start learning? So, I can create a plan? How does Github help to learn (I created an account, however, I am unable to connect)?

Learning HTML is just starting out basic Web Programming. If you want to excel in Web Programming just follow the Coding Curriculum. It will give you broad idea about starting out as Developer.


As @sumer16 says, follow the curriculum.

If you want to do anything website related then keep going with HTML and then CSS.

The Javascript courses will take you into “proper” coding, but one step at a time!

Make sure you do the projects, and keep at it, projects and lessons alike. You will get stuck, repeatedly but you will also figure things out.

Github is for putting your code online, to let other people see if you want. Also you can create copies of other peoples work. There are some great guides on using github and it’s pretty important to get to know, but keep things simple just now and follow the curiculum


Learn HTML and CSS and start cloning the outer layer of websites you like and work on your JavaScript

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