I am confused on multiple things on Pomodoro clock. Help is appreciated

Link: https://codepen.io/aoljaca/pen/Vwergxg

My Pomodoro works but doesn’t past some of the tests. Why is this?

Help is appreciated. The code is in the link and the script is on it.



Hi there,

Have you gone through each test and saw what it’s asking? For example the first test that is failing is: My product landing page should have a <header> element with corresponding id="header".

Adding <header id="header"></header> after your first div fixed this. Of course, you’ll need to fill the tag with the appropriate information. Go through the remaining tests like this.

If you click the red button that says “Test 1/16” it will show you all the tests it’s running your code against. Is there a specific test you’d like clarification on?

Ya on #Content number 10 I dont get why its failing or how to fix it…

Looks like you got it! Nice :clap: