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Anyone can help me with this question.
Initialize the three variables a , b , and c with 5 , 10 , and "I am a" respectively so that they will not be undefined .

a should be defined and evaluated to have the value of 6 .


b should be defined and evaluated to have the value of 15 .


c should not contain undefined and should have a value of the string I am a String!

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// Initialize these three variables
var a = 5;
var b = 10;
var c = "I am a String!";

// Do not change code below this line

a = a + 1;
b = b + 5;

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Challenge: Understanding Uninitialized Variables

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HI @Calum !

Welcome to the forum!

I would reset the lesson because it looks like you are missing this line at the bottom.

c = c + " String!";

I don’t see that in your code here

When you reset the lesson you should have this as the starting code.

// Only change code below this line
var a;
var b;
var c;
// Only change code above this line

a = a + 1;
b = b + 5;
c = c + " String!";

Once you fix that issue, you did this part correctly.

But this is wrong.

The direction want you to initialize the variable c with “I am a”.
You are not supposed to add the word String at the end.

Reason being is because that is what his line of code is doing .

c = c + " String!";

That line of code translates to

c = "I am a" + " String"

Hope all of that makes sense!

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