I am done with my portfolio

here is the link to my project:
That one’s trash. My new one is here:
if there is anything I need to change, please tell me.
thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey Conner! I think you did a pretty good job for a 13 year old! It was a pleasure reading about your little bio. You sure have an interesting background.

Looking at your project I would suggest finding a better background image. The one you have repeats but it doesn’t repeat seemlessly.

Try looking on this website for a nice background image that will repeat nicely: https://www.transparenttextures.com/

Also it looks like there’s no way to reverse the layout after you click the phone layout button, something to consider in the future as you work towards a responsive website.

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Hi Conner!
You’re a lucky guy mate, say hello to your Mom, I wish I’d had mom like yours, and your head when I was 13 years old , I can’t help You with your project as I’ve got a massive two weeks of experience :v::wink:but for me you’re getting there. Just be consistent and You’ll have the future your Mom is wishing You’d have. All the best Mate. PS. Sorry for my English.

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Thanks Mate!!
good luck coding!

Nice!!! Conner you are really on to something. I like your style!
You can improve the look of the page by centering vertically the “Projects” and “Contact” divs within their parent divs. Try flexbox on the parent div

.parent-container {
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
display: flex;
align-items: center;
justify-content: center;

You can also use the same background images but make them look more like a pattern when they are repeated. Just as the images of transparenttextures.com are. Make sense what I am saying?

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I tried for the background and found some that fit the whole thing.

I would like it if your projects where a little more visable. as I scrolled your page I thought you had one project there, but you have a few. I think it would be best they wheren’t in a section you had to scroll independant of the page.

Definatly think it’s better then anything I did as a teenager though. But then Netscape and iframe / table layouts where still mainly a thing…

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I tried to find some images, but I usually like to do dark designs with neon lights in the back. I got those and kinda made a pattern.

@ConnerOw1115 Another thing, the buttons on top of the page look best in mobile view and desktop in my opinion.

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Yes, those images are great but they could be edited so that when they are repeated they look more like a pattern.

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got 'em. the images now fit

the blue links in the contact sections are a little (I wanted to make that really tiny…hmm)…hard to read with the links being blue and a bluish background.

Maybe make the (unvisited) links lighter in the color blue or a different color.

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I made them red. Hope you can see 'em better now.

Hi @ConnerOw1115
I was thinking, you have the “using a phone?” button, but normally we make the website responsive so that there is no need to ask the viewer if the device is a phone or a desktop. The website responds to the size of the screen automatically. Do you think the button is necessary? Just something to think about.

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alright, fixed that. The page auto-adjusts if it’s using a phone or not

I love quirky designs. This is very nice. Great job.

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Thank you so much!
I really like to use quirky designs.