I am gonna start flippin out

I get this error code no matter how I type, copy and paste the damn thing! what is wrong with my media query? it was freaking passing i open it up and now its not i saved it why is not working? am i losing me mind?https://codepen.io/solarhacker420/pen/QWvYoLJ?editors=1100 the last 2 things i just fixed and now its failing! please help and sorry for my anger

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like what? like it is doing what is suppose to the nav bar stays at the top? why does it fail?

Do you have a opening tag for the body element?

i fixed the first problem it was my margin, now my media query wont work, and ive put it everywhere and changed it dozens of times, i dont know what is pretty sure the media hates me

still doesn’t work i didn’t see that thanks i think it got deleted and cut and pasted so many times but still no media working

Here is the layout for a proper HTML. It seems your page has a improper layout, including the head tag containing visible content. Head tag is only for importing external libraries or frameworks. Meta (also known as meta data) is data about other data and is written into the head for the html to use. The <title> is only used for Googles’s SEO and the browser to figure out what your page is about.

The header is used for the navigation bar and other basic content to describe the introduction to your page. Maybe a heading one tag (most important tag - should only ever be one) to show what the page is about. The main is where the bulk of the content should be, followed by the footer for small amounts of information on the page creator (or company).

<!-- Meta tags and links. Head is a invisible part of the page -->
<!-- Navigation bar and any basic elements for introduction, 
such as a main h1 heading tag -->
<!--  Bulk of content. Main should be divided into <sections> 
for different parts of the page-->
<!-- Small section at the bottom for page credit or copyrite -->

Edit: If you need project review in the future, tag me using the @ symbol. I do a decent amount of project review and am always glad to help.

ok i fixed that but the media query still don’t work

Your media tag should be:

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
<!--  Code -->
  1. You have a extra closing curly bracket above your media tag.
  2. <title> should only go in the head, not the header.

Format your html to make it easier to read:

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a curly bracket! lol omg it was right in front of the whole time, ok cool it passes and I also changed that setting thanks man omg lol

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i put in position fixed im trying to have the background image scroll with the rest of the content. what is going on that prevents this? how do get my scroll bar back and have my image scroll too?https://codepen.io/solarhacker420/pen/QWvYoLJ

https://codepen.io/solarhacker420/pen/QWvYoLJhaving an issue with people calling my post a repeat… im trying to get my BACKGROUND to scroll not my NAVBAR and when i appy the same, my scroll disapears with fixed. i want to scroll down and my background image to scroll with everything. please help this isn’t the same problem i had with the navbar

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