I am having issues with understanding (media query's)

Hey there,

I am having an issue with not only my text going wonky when I bring it down to cell phone size, but also my video will shift, so I can no longer see it properly. I’ve only been coding for 10 days and I’m going to have to brush up on media query. Is there any advice that I could get, so I have a better direction of what I should be doing. https://codepen.io/RaymondFitz/pen/ZEJKrjp ← help me fix it!! lol…

Side note. I am curious on how many media’s should be in my CSS should I have one for each of my elements?

I don’t see any CSS included. Be great to put in a Codepen.

I second the codepen suggestion. It’s free and easy to sign up to if you have a google account. It has it’s own format checker and it let’s us copy code and debug your code for you!

thank you inputing now

Images are inline elements why not put one inside each h3?

okay ill try that i could not figure out how to get them beside the h3

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