I am in need if some instructions for applying for a Website Executive job

Hello, all
I am providing my CV and CL and need your help whether to add or remove something from that.
In other words, is what I made correct if not then what else should be done?

Address …….‎
Contact Number: 01010101‎
Gmail: hr…@gmail.com

December 17 2018‎

To … Hiring Manager

Dear Sir/Maam

I am HR from …, living in … since January 0000. I have learned English language in … from 2003 to 2007. During ‎the mentioned dates above, I have studied some computer programs such as, MS Windows, MS Office and ‎Internet as well. I have served as an Office secretory from March 2011 to September 2012 in… ….‎

But after a few months of getting to …, I thought that it would be a waste of time if I stay here for years not doing ‎anything. So that’s why I tried to explore on Google for a chance to get knowledge, and I have found the … Open ‎Higher Education which is providing the opportunity of getting higher Education to …. My application was ‎approved in …/…/… and I got the opportunity to learn new things, which was my ever dream. I took many courses ‎introduction to computer Science and especially English language (TESOL ) courses, python programming ‎language and Front-End Web Developing; also, I took introduction to data Analysis using Excel course. I can’t say ‎I am an expert and experienced, but there should be some real working environment to be expert.‎

As I have learned that … is willing to provide this opportunity to the people like me, so I decided to kindly write ‎this application after reading some information and the requirements of the position, and got that I would be ‎able to apply for that, because I think that the requirements that might meet my ability are as follows:‎

 Microsoft Office proficient ‎
 Computer and internet proficient
 Able to work independently and enjoy working within a creative team, sharing and developing ideas ‎with colleagues
 Familiar in using Facebook, LinkedIn and other social medias
 Although I have watched some WordPress tutorial videos but Again I can’t say I know WordPress. But I ‎am really eager to learn New and Updated Technologies.‎

For further needed details please refer to my resume and my LinkedIn profile (the link is provided ‎within the CV).‎

But again, if you guess my knowledge and experiences meet any other position; I would welcome meeting you ‎and hearing your opinion. I have already provided my email and contact number, also I will be in contact with ‎you in a week. Thank you so much for spending your time reading my application.‎


Front-End developer
Address:‎ ‎….‎
Contact No:‎ ‎+0000010201‎
Gmail:‎ hr..@gmail.com
LinkedIn hgkajsdhfglasdk
CodePen https://codepen.io/Rateq/#‎
Date of Birth:‎ ‎…/…/….‎


Since January 4 2017 that I finished my first HTML CSS and JavaScript for Web Developers course, I ‎am messing around these three Web App technologies; and I have done some works and projects ‎on CodePen and Github but, to be honest, not in real world yet.‎
‎03. 2011 - 12.2012‎
Was working as an Office Secretory (data entry clerk) in ……‎
June 14. 2018 – present Taking FreeCodeCamp’s Fullstack Web Developer Course
‎05. 2017 – 08. 2017‎ Has finished four courses of Python Programming Language (Programming ‎for everybody (Getting Started with Python), Python Data structure, Using ‎Python to Access Web data, and Using Databases with Python
October 15 2016‎ Started E-Learning Computer Science through … Open Higher Education…‎
‎1999‎ Studied English Language in … Institute of English Language in …‎
‎…1999‎ Graduated from … High School…‎
‎…1999‎ ‎… High School ….‎

Other Skills
Ms Office: Ms Word, Ms Excel and the basics of Ms Power point and Ms Access
Python programming Language, SQLite

Hi, just my impression, but I wouldn’t use phrases like “messing around” or “dabbing in” as they imply an informal and unprofessional approach.

Perhaps you can say something like “and I have completed projects ‎on CodePen and Github using these three Web App technologies.”

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Hi, and thank you so much for correction.
What do you think about

To … Hiring Manager

Dear Sir/Maam ?

Hey, you’re welcome.

From what I see here it’s recommended not to use this phrase but address the hiring manager directly, by name.

One additional suggestion:
You might also want to reconsider shortening the biography portion of your cover letter (how you learned MS Office and internet) and add a sentence or two on why you think you’d be an excellent fit to the position you’re applying to.

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Thank you so much dear nikolina for really helpful link and suggestion