I Am Looking for A Coding Partner. Will You Be Mine?

I have tried this thing a couple of times and cannot seem to get consistency. I think I need a coding partner that I can be accountable to. Whichever part of the globe you are in, if you are in this same situation, I want you to be my coding partner. Thank you.

How about joining discord channel of freeCodeCamp?
There are lots of folks helping each other. I’m sure you can find some coding/studying partners there.

YO , i’m down . Currently up to CSS lesson 3 . Dm me

still looking for a coding partner?

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Hi! I am a beginner! I’m actually doing ‘C’ right now and will proceed to do ‘Python’. I have a space on Discord ready ( https://discord.gg/cB22mMzb ). Join me if you think I’m the right buddy:)

Yes yes @dainr do you already have one?

Honored to meet you Aashka-byte! Sorry I just saw this…been off for a while. You could be ahead by now…this is my invite though if you are still interested (https://discord.gg/rwfCfrMUfz)

Hey, I am still looking for a partner. I joined your discord

Bro…I am still trying to figure out how discord works…please help me if you are already familiar

I messaged you on discord

Hi. Looks like you’re like minded people who are looking for coop. I’d like to find some coding partners just to share ideas and experience. I’m rather new at coding and about to start Responsive Web Design part4 “Applied Accessibility” but currently spending most of my taking learning about the subject and practising it


I did joined your group guys, so I’m the member Nr.3 :innocent:

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Thank you @fanorsla great to have join…

Are you really in London…?

I lived there for more than 5 years but now I’ve moved back to my home-town city in Lithuania. :slight_smile:

How ever, the idea is to learn to code to get a job in this area and eventually become worldwide heh :slight_smile: