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So I am looking for a Job abroad currently and I would like to get advice on how I should approach it. Software developer jobs in Ghana are scarce. I hope some one can help me . I have been on freeCodeCamp for 2 years . I had a pause for like 3 month when my laptop got destroyed last year but i got a new one. Please what am I to do . Cos when I started this out every one thought I was crazy thinking I will be able to land a job just from learning on my own and with the help from this great community.

I don’t know what the situation is like in Ghana. I do know that if you develop your skills enough, you may find a company that may sponsor you to immigrate. You can also do freelance work.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. It’s already hard for everyone else. For you it’s going to be even harder. I’m sorry, we can’t change that. But I also know that if you work hard and learn and can do this stuff, there will be opportunities. I don’t know what your skill level is, but start applying like crazy.

Unfortunately, most places aren’t going to want to do immigration for an entry level position. But it does happen. Rarely. And there are more and more remote jobs out there. Again, these are hard to get for an entry level position, but it does happen. But apply. Learn how to interview well. Polish your CV. Build your portfolio.

In the mean time, keep learning and building more complex apps. Look for open source to contribute to. Look for freelance jobs. Find other Ghanaians where you are and try to work on projects together. All of this will look good on your resume. Yes, they would rather see “real world” work on your resume, but if the other stuff is impressive enough, there will be people willing to take a chance.

I don’t know, does Ghana have any immigration agreements with any other country? Places were it is easier to immigrate/work?

this is an image of the page i created in order to get like minds to join me …build together the future. I want to make it a study group branch of freecodecamp like the Germany Study FreeCodeCamp on telegram

Migration to Canada is a bit easier

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