I am making a flappy bird game, If i will need assistance then pls help me

Let me try and see if it works

I did that but when i did that the var above it also was showing that and then the next and the quick fix was to remove them

It is showing to remove the class platforms and the three vars above newplatform

I did that and now i dont have any platforms

I, for now, Have undone this

When i copied the code from the github account of the person who was making the video then it was coming fine but when i write it it is not coming so

Is it an error? or a warning that variable is not used yet.
maybe these could help

I have seen this but i cant understand it cause i am new to javascript

I am trying all the suggestions in it

I think, it’s just a warning for unused variable.
But, if it’s not, I don’t understand it. That’s why I googled and shared some threads which maybe useful.

It is now not showing that but when i saved it then after that the webpage was still showing only on platform while in the video it was showing 5

I think you should also drop the link of github repo you’re referring… then Me or someone else, will figure out the problem.

it is now over but there is only one platform. bye talk later

I am right now referring to VS code…How can i share it with you?

I have dropped the project…I am now working on flappy bird

I’d be careful about following tutorial videos too closely. It is hard to learn from replicating code off of a video.

Often, if copy pasting works while typing something out does not

  1. you could have a typo

  2. You could have misunderstood some character or component

  3. you could be missing a piece from the tutorial

It’s hard to say without the code.

You’re referring from the github account

I am referring to the github account of the person whose video is

And if i will need any help in my flappy bird project then i will tell you

Ok So i will tell and share my game link with you all