I am making a real time project for which I need some help

I am trying to make a queue system in which I have written a code that is working fine but that code is just a one-time flow i.e. you run once and then you get the output.

But I want to make it as a real-time application that would take request and give output to the user’s input and this should function should run parallelly.

So currently, I have coded it in python and I have a very vague knowledge of how real-time application works. So, I would be glad if someone could help me through it.

I’m a beginner myself but creating a main loop sounds like it would work for you.

def main():
    a = input("Enter a number or type exit to exit ")
    if a =="exit":
        b = int(input("Enter another number "))
        c = int(a) * b
print("Welcome to the most useless calculator in the world")

what this does is when it has run through your code in this case printed c it calls the main function again, this creates and infinite loop untill you type exit wich then closes the app.

Hope this makes sence.

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