I am new to coding

hello everyone i am new to coding and i want to know if the codes here are really free. like i can become a front end developer by following all the courses here?? please help


Yes, as stated on the main page and the curriculum everything is free to access due to contributions from the community.

By doing the certifications for front end and helping around the forum you will end up with solid knowledge to start as a front end developer.


thank you. i appreciate.

I’d highly recommend working on additional personal projects in addition to the ones offered in the curriculum so that you don’t get overwhelmed when you reach the certification projects.

To make projects on your own computer, such as html and css files, you’ll need a text editor such as Atom or Sublime text, which are both free to use. These are similar to the typing interface that you use on this site for lessons.

When taking notes, I suggest using Evernote over something like Microsoft Word or Pages, it’s free to use and allows you to easily include coding examples in your documents.

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thank you very much.