I am not able to complete projects

I have learnt a lot from freecodecamp.I am grateful to that. But I am not able to complete the html and css projects. I doesn’t give us small projects to complete first, to understand the concepts. I doesn’t teach concepts.
I don’t know if it is freecodecamp’s fault or mine.
I don’t think I am very intelligent. I want to become Bill Gates one day. I don’t know how he got there. I don’t have much money to spend either.
Any idea about what I can do?


Starting a project from scratch is hard. Many developers feel like they are up against a wall when they stare at that initial blank screen. You are not alone in this.

My recommendation is to start by writing code to get the tests to pass. Take each user story, one by one, and structure your code to fulfil the requirement. Do not worry about content or styling at this point (except for the styling required to pass the tests).

Once you have this in place, then circle back around and decide on your content. Remember that you have a lot of creative freedom here - you can make the subject of your page whatever you want, as long as it does not violate our Code of Conduct and the tests still pass.

Finally, make another run through your page to add the styling. Give it your own personal flair. Decide what looks best the page in your opinion.

And do not be afraid to use the Read-Search-Ask method if you get stuck. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.
The freecodecamp community is awesome.
I thought I was not ready to get a job or work as a freelancer or make projects for myself.
Could someone show me the complete path to becoming a developer?
I am confused.

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Everyone’s path is different. There is no One True Way :tm: to become a developer.

That being said, in general it takes passion, dedication, and perseverance. Development is not easy, which is why it pays well (and the reason it’s fun, IMO). And it is important to be constantly learning and keeping up on the ever changing technologies, to avoid being left behind.

The freeCodeCamp curriculum is a wonderful place to start and will give you a basic foundational understanding of some common and in-demand technologies.


I have 1 more piece of advice to give on this topic, entirely anecdotal from personal experience.

Like @nhcarrigan already mentioned, everyone’s path is different.

The way I used FCC to complete my first set of projects is like a person uses wikipedia initially; I wanted to be exposed to the general concepts first.

Then I went away and studied the concepts, how they truly work in practice, played around with the code.

For example, Flexbox. What exactly is it? How does it work when you play around with it? How can you best use it and when do you not use it? These sort of questions were the objective of my personal learning. Is Grid better in some cases? What are they? Etc.

I find that the general structure systems have 1 objective: expose the student to the concept. But it is ultimately up to us, the students, to gather true comprehension of the topics, technologies and anything else concerned… And as an aspiring web developer I prefer to understand something instead of ticking boxes first.

When I came back to do the projects I made it hard for myself too. I pushed myself to use CSS Flexbox & Grid, I designed the last 4/5 projects from scratch so I could practice some UI too. Overall it was a much more rewarding experience than just ticking the boxes which in themselves are not the best way to understand or memorise something.

But then again, I have a singular objective that is crystal-clear to me: become the best developer I can become. So the education and comprehension aspects are my only concern. Everything else is secondary.

And HTML + CSS are incredible by themselves. I think people rush to get to JS without really understand either. HTML is simple, sure, but it has interesting questions: what naming conventions do you use for your elements? What sort of metadata do you use? CSS is also incredible. You can now have responsive text sizing (well sizing in general) with a single line of code ( clamp() ). It’s becoming extremely well supported rather fast too :slight_smile: . Before this took quite a lot of CSS or JS. Well worth knowing.

What am I trying to say… Take your time. Enjoy it too if possible. JS is incredibly interesting too but it relies upon a good foundation. And if something can be done in HTML/CSS it should be done there. Whilst CSS is fairly simple to use there is a solid amount of things to understand (through practice) before it can be applied well. I think.

Good luck on your journey!


Thanks a lot for answering.
I am learning a lot, here at freecodecamp

Yes, learn from multiple sources, not just FCC. Just google for beginner tutorials on whatever subject you’re learning, go through those–w3schools, codecademy, various blogs, free YouTube tutorials. It will help you see it from different angles. Completing one FCC challenge is not enough to understand things.

I think one thing people expect when they start freecodecamp is that they will learn everything they need to know prior to starting the projects. Traditional exams work in this way where you’re expected to know before starting the test and looking at other peoples’ solutions is considered ‘cheating’.

freeCodeCamp challenges are the complete opposite to this approach. You are not meant to know everything going into the challenges, and the challenges are meant to stretch your knowledge and abilities as you do them. They are ‘open book’ challenges meaning you can look at any resources you want in order to help you, including other peoples’ code/solutions. As long as you feel you are learning and developing that is the important thing. The freeCodeCamp challenges are learning exercises not testing exercises.


Thanks a lot for answering!

Its simple… work hard with patience! hope you got it.

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