I am not able to solve the question in demographic data analyzer

Please help me in this one
What country has the highest percentage of people that earn >50K?
Please I really need your help guys.
Thanks in advance.

what’s your code? what have you tried so far?

Actually the problem is I am new to data analysis & hence have no idea on how to tackle this problem.
That is why I want if I could see a model solution so that I could learn from it.

I am struggling with the same problem, did you get help ?

Welcome to the forum ^^
There are several threads on that topic (especially in the Python-subforum) so try searching for those.

Though for a start, try to figure out the country by “hand” aka write some code which extract enough information that you can determine the country by hand.
Ofcourse in the end you want lines of code which spit out the actual name itself. But that is the ideal situation and asks for some advanced combination of commands. So the first thing to do is use the single commands to get the answer and then think about how you could combine those.