I am not getting cleared in this test even though I am correct

I am trying to solve this challenge at freecodecamp website but I don’t know why am I stuck in there even though I am 100% sure my code is correct.
Here is the screenshot:

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const myStr = "I am a \"double quoted\" string inside  \"double quotes\"."; // Change this line

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Challenge: Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings

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Spacing is very important for this challenge. The string you create must match exactly with the string in the instructions. Hint: You have an extra space between two of the words.

Can you point where is that extra spacing? my little brain didn’t execute what you said

So this is where programmers get paid the big bucks, to find their little bugs :slight_smile: You can look at the output string in the console pane below the editor to find a space that is bigger than the rest or you can use the right arrow key and start going through your code and find the space that takes you two arrow presses to get to the next word.

bro, I can’t find any space but found on bug that I forgot the period at the end lol

Were you able to find the bug?

I didn’t but I simply copy pasted it from required tab and added extra backslashes.

The misunderstanding comes from the fact that the code in your post and the code in your screenshot are different, please make sure to not post conflicting information, that just makes things harder for yourself and for the people that want to help you

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