I am not learning enough about the challenges and what they mean

How do I learn more? I go through steps and learn a little but I don’t always know what I am doing. As a matter of fact most of the time I don’t know what I am doing. I will answer 2 or 3 challenges correctly and then get stumped which isn’t that bad expect I am not learning very much just by getting the answers.

You will learn the most when you start building projects on your own.

When you start building projects, you will run into new issues and learn how to research, debug and better understand the concepts through trial and error.

As you go through the challenges, aim for a basic understanding.

Then when you get to the certification projects, you will get more practice on using these concepts you are learning and start to better understand how everything works.

It takes time and practice before all of this stuff starts to sink in and make sense.


i like learning little bits of big projects. for example. try to replicate how a calculator app may display a number when one presses a number button. create the display and numbers and make it display without the mathematics. you will learn something new even with a smaller projects.

take little chunks out of big projects. bit by bit byte byte. lol

Thank you very much. You are a kind person.

Thank you for your most observant compliment.
So what are you trying to study?
Perhaps you may begin with html and css to lay foundation.

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