I am seeking job

I am building single page website or webpage for my free lance profile and internship in front-end development work.I am using site builder for it as i thought its offer amazing templates which i found difficult to made by my HTML , CSS and Java script knowledge .Now I am stuck which sort of templates to be chosen whether it must be related to business , sport , foods , tourism and many such things.On the other hand i am progressing in java script but i just need to have something for my profile ?.I hope the question is very clear. .
Waiting for answer. .

I’m sorry, but the question isn’t clear. Are you having trouble finding or using templates on your site builder? I doubt anyone here can help you with that. Are you trying to figure out what to put on your profile? Check out this post

Yes I am knew to the community but I have done coding classes on code acdemy and Coursera and from many other resources…And its require a lot of time to complete FCC curriculum and i have to have internship hence looking for site builder .

Since you have completed classes on codeacademy and others, you probably have a basic understanding of the front-end. In Free Code Camp, only the challenges with the * are required. I would suggest skipping over the basic challenges if you know them and start working on the projects such as the Tribute Page, Portfolio, Simon-Says game, and basic algorithms, etc. This way, you will not only be able to reinforce and grow the skills you may have learned elsewhere, but you will also have some great projects to add to your portfolio - projects that I guarantee will be a lot more impressive than any site you made in a drag-and-drop site builder. Anyone can sell a beautiful site that someone else made, but not everyone can make their own. The real-world type of experience you get from making the projects on FCC will be much more beneficial than a drag-and-drop site for someone. Definitely give some of our projects a try - you will be amazed at how soon you will be able to create beautiful websites from scratch.


Thanks Everyone for answering