I am starting an online bootcamp that runs for 9 months

Hi all thought I would post about this. I will be starting an online coding bootcamp which will start on Tuesday the 27 of March (only two days to wait)
I got this through a Government initative for unemployed in partnership with https://www.codeinstitute.net/

The subjects I will be covering: AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS, Data Visualization, Django, Git, Heroku, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, MongoDB, Python, Security and Session Storage, SQL

While I have a lot covered from freecodecamp both front and backend I will still face a challange in now having to cover other stuff I have not done before … particularly … PYTHON …

Feeling very excited about this opportunity and I feel this is what will help get me over the last hurdle of getting a job … while I was confident before of getting a job if I worked hard and put in the effort this bootcamp i feel is really going to help.

Anyway will keep ye posted if anyone want to hear how it goes … and if anyone has any suggestions for good sites for python please post.
I have started doing a bit of python to see what its like … its different lol but I should hopefully pick up enough quickly to get me through.
Being trying converting some javascript algorithms to python so as to learn some of the basics and so far so good …

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Python is waaay easier to pick up if you have picked up JS.
Syntax is more beautiful.
Truly delightful experience to code in Python

Are you running this bootcamp, or are you participating in it?

I will be participating …

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That’s great, man. More practice is always in order. Best of luck to you in the camp and in finding a job!

That’s awesome man, congratulations! But yea keep this thread updated, I’d like to hear some updates and things plus it always helps to have a community that’s around to keep you motivated and just give support in whatever way possible. Hope things start off great, make 2018 your year, it’s time to shine!

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