I am starting to learn Python again after gave up to learn many times!

Gave up to learn Python many time, but from now on, I will keep on telling myself: moving forward, keep to do it.

Let’s see what happened when Dec.31.2019!

Wishing you the best. I found Learn Python 3 The Hard Way by Zed Shaw to be very helpful when I was beginning. There are so many resources out there. Just keep going. It get’s easier with practice. It always does.

I am just starting as well. Good luck to us!

Yah i can understand your problem as it is a vast programming language . But its not a positive way to give up . If you have interest on learning then for sure you can make it. For learning it properly you should firstly gain the basic of python and for that you should visit the best python training company so that for can get proper knowledge . The person who is teaching also plays a big role on the students career . Dont give up ,you can do it.
Thank you