I am struggling with how to start

I am new here and what are the advices that I can get from the pros.
I am currently following web developing course by freecodecamp.
how can I be a talented developer. show me the path…

The path is simple:

  1. Learn to code.
  2. Keep learning.
  3. Build stuff.
  4. Learn some new stuff.
  5. Build something using that new stuff you learned.
  6. Keep repeating the last two steps.

I don’t mean to be glib, but that’s basically it. There is no perfect path. FCC is a pretty good path to a solid MERN stack and some Python. Just keep on that path.

You’re going to get frustrated, especially once you get to the JavaScript stuff. Just keep at it and keep moving forward. Don’t worry about perfection. Don’t worry about remembering everything perfectly - that’s why we have google.


Just as @kevinSmith said.

But another one to add in - unless you have a super memory.

4.(a) Re-learn old stuff you may have not used for 6 months+ and you need to use again

Its not usually a re-learn if you learnt it before - more like a, get up to speed again

Any how Happy Coding :slight_smile:

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