I am stuck and i don't know what to do next

I live in egypt and i can’t apply to jobs because i am still in the beginning of my last year in college, I started my journey in web development in 2017. Freecodecamp helped me a lot, but sometimes struggled to focus on my degree and web development at the same time, but in the last year, i think i achieved a lot in web development. I finished the javascript & algorithm, responsive, front end libraries , microservice certificates in freecodecamp , I made from 20 to 25 peojects, some of them using all mern stack tools and hosting some of them, also made projects with JQUERY and 4 to 5 projects using Advanced Sass. And this my plan in the next couple of months to finish some courses like typescript and progressive web apps, also in web servers, and to do couple of projects, but i feel unmotivated, i feel that i didnt gain anything from the last 3 years. I don’t know what to do next, i want something to measure my knowledge to know my level, also anything to gain experience from.

Why not? It sounds like you have a good amount of “extra” experience beyond just going for school.

If your goal for going to school, and building 20+ projects (+) on the side, is to apply and get jobs, then I think your ready to start applying and getting feedback as to where you stand.

If your looking to “measure your self against” in terms of knowledge and skills, there isn’t any better meter than gettings jobs. Worse thing that can happen is you get rejected, but that’s to be expected. The purpose of applying is to get feedback on where you stand from the people that matter, employers.

Good luck!


I live in Egypt too and am facing similar problems.
It can get pretty overwhelming sometimes I know.
But honestly man, you seem to have made some firm great steps into the field, and you if you are comfortable with the technologies you mentioned, then you are very qualified to work for many companies if you look around on hiring websites like Wuzzuf or indeed or even Facebook ads.
You are really taking great steps and I encourage you to now start searching how to practice all that knowledge either in job market or even for personal projects.
You have made the hard part of it and great things are waiting for you.
Good luck man!

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thank you for your feedback

first thank for your feedback, the problem that i am still in college so i don’t have a degree yet and i don’t think companies will hire me without a degree even i am qualified from my skills

you are going to get a degree, aren’t you? hiring processes can be very long. And even being selected doesn’t mean you will start the day after, jobs can start even months after getting the “You are hired” message. If you are promising, you can have a job ready the day after your degree, or even part time before that.

And even if not, meanwhile you had job hunting experience

Personally, I will start looking out for jobs once I have finished all the exams and only thesis work left - I mean, the degree is in chemistry, but I have still at least six months to do after the last exam, for the thesis work.

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yes i will get my degree after a year . So i must begin job hunting from now to be ready when i get my degree?

it’s up to you, if you feel you need all your focus on your degree, that’s fine too

but starting now is also a possibility you can consider, both to learn how it works and the chance of having already a job lined up for after you get your degree

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really thank you for your feedback

If your problem is that you’re still in college, this would be a great opportunity for you to start a freelancing career. Build a decent portfolio and go at it. You will learn, earn money, and get experience years while still in college.

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