I am stuck at this section i need help

You should not change the order of the h1, h2 or p in the code.

how have I changed it?

emphasized text

Welcome, wamae.

We are not able to see the section you are referring to. When you are on a lesson on the curriculum, you can click the “Ask for help” button, and add in the necessary details within the pre-populated post. Then, we will be able to help.

Happy coding.

what kind of problem do you have Bro!!?

ok sky020, let me exit and post from there.

I am at the beginner section, Basic HTML and HTML5, and I am stuck, it tells me to not change the order of the h1,h2 or p in the code. What I am not aware of is how I changed the order.

without seeing your code it is impossible to help you

show us your code bro!!!