I am stuck in step 3

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Challenge: Step 3

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The opening and closing tags always have to match- so your opening tag needs to be <h2> instead of <h1> since the instructions said to make “Cat Photos” the text for the <h2> element.

The letter(s)/word between the “<” and “>” are tags are the syntax of this markup language (For example, <h1> which creates a Header 1 element, <h2> which creates a Header 2 element, <p> which creates a paragraph element, etc). This is way to “code” in HTML, so therefore you can’t just put random words between the “<” and “>”, so remove the “clickheretoviewmorephotos” from between the “< >”
Also, get rid of the “:”. You don’t need it.

Get rid of the h1<clickheretoviewmorephotos>/h2 after the </body>- you only need that once and according to the instructions it goes right after the <h2> tag.

So your finished product should look like this instead:

   <p>Click here to view more cat photos<p> <!-- This is just a comment to explain the <p> element, but it is the paragraph element and that is what this lesson is teaching-->

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