I am stuck in the Technical Documentation challenge # story 13 help please

I am working on the Technical Documentation Page challenge and I need your help guys I couldn’t figure out what m doing wrong

this tab opens when I click on a navbar element to the section that is linked to it (example of when i click on Introduction )
“Normally this link would bring you to another website! It works! This is a link to: (https: // www.freecodecamp.org/learn/2022/responsive-web-design/build-a-technical-documentation-page-project/build-a-technical-documentation-page#Introduction)”

it works on codepen but doesn’t when running the code in freecodecamp directly
here the link to my code https://codepen.io/gurrid/pen/QWQaJEy

I checked the course again and it does the same when trying to click on a navbar element https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/2022/responsive-web-design/learn-accessibility-by-building-a-quiz/step-67

There is a small error, have you tried clicking on What you should already know and JavaScript and Java in the navbar. It doesnt work for me, check your href values for them.

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thank u I fixed that but I still get the same tab that opens when I try on freecodecamp. org instead of codepen

I took a look at your code in codepen and one thing that got my attention on these 3 html tags for example

    <a id="Introduction" ></a>
     <section class="main-section"id="Introduction" >
       <header id="Introduction" >Introduction</header>

the Id attribute should be unique from each other, so I guess your issue is with the id name. Go through your code and find if you have duplicated Id name and change them so they are unique.

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hey thank u for your help I fixed that too but I still hve the same issue

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