I am stuck MongoDB and Mongoose - Create and Save a Record of a Model

I am not able to pass , I am getting this error message // running tests
Creating and saving a db item should succeed (Test timed out)
// tests completed

here is the link to my live glitch


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Challenge: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/apis-and-microservices/mongodb-and-mongoose/create-and-save-a-record-of-a-model

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Hey, I couldn’t access your code through the URLs you provided. If you want some to be able to see your code, you’ll have to copy the URL from the ‘code’ tab, instead of the ‘live app’ tab when you hit the share button. Fortunately, I was able to access your code by changing the URL a little.

If you look at lines 13-17 in myapp.js

// Add mongodb and mongoose to the project's package.json. Then require 
// mongoose. Store your Mongo Atlas database URI in the private .env file 
// as MONGO_URI. Connect to the database using the following syntax:
// mongoose.connect(<Your URI>, { useNewUrlParser: true, useUnifiedTopology: true });

and compare it to how you’re connecting to the database on line 11, you should be able to spot the problem.

here it the link