I am stuck on CSS lesson 2

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I have put in h2 element blue as requested and it still tell me"to put h2 element blue" i dont know what i am missing. I have checked

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h2 {
  color: blue;
<p>Click here to view more <a href="#">cat photos</a>.</p>

<a href="#"><img src="https://bit.ly/fcc-relaxing-cat" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back."></a>

  <p>Things cats love:</p>
    <li>cat nip</li>
    <li>laser pointers</li>
  <p>Top 3 things cats hate:</p>
    <li>flea treatment</li>
    <li>other cats</li>

<form action="https://freecatphotoapp.com/submit-cat-photo">
  <label><input type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor" checked> Indoor</label>
  <label><input type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor"> Outdoor</label><br>
  <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality" checked> Loving</label>
  <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality"> Lazy</label>
  <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality"> Energetic</label><br>
  <input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL" required>
  <button type="submit">Submit</button>

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Challenge: Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements

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Hi obbarrukh, looks like you have styled an h2 but there actually is no h2 tag in your html. Hope that helps

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The elements in you CSS need to also be in your html section. The CSS is to style your html

elements. As stated above you have property of color and value of blue for h2, but there is no h2 in your html to style.
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