I am stuck on Tribute Page

I’m stuck here kindly needs help


More details would be helpful- what are you trying to accomplish? What is that got you stuck? A clickable link would also be helpful, a link in the title can’t be clicked

Can you be more specific about why you are stuck? Do you not understand one of the user story requirements? Are you not sure why a specific test is failing? You need to tell us in detail what help you need.

Having problem with the image appearing, here is the link https://codepen.io/richiemawunyo/pen/vwYWwY

The url you are using for src of that img tag is not an image. It is a web page which contains an image. The actual image is


Replace what you currently have there with the url above and it should work.

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Perfect it works a huge shout out

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Kindly wants to know why my web page is not is not displaying now?

What do you mean by not displaying? I can view the page fine.

Can it be check I’m done with my assignment https://codepen.io/richiemawunyo/pen/vwYWwY

What do you want checked? Your code in the Codepen does not pass 7 of the tests.