I am stuck with this forum could plz help

there are two things I could do with some help

  1. what is the difference between a message and a topic in FCC forum

2.why on every message/topic does it say this topic will close 6 months after the last reply

Hi @jasper2 !

Are you talking about the difference between a private message and creating a topic?

If so, one is a private message between two or more users whereas the other is public for everyone to see.

Really old topics attract spam posts. This new update is an effort to close posts that have been inactive for a while to cut down on spam responses.

yes i was talking about a private message and creating a topic
thanks for your help sorry i changed it

I updated my response.

okay thanks for your help

How do old topics attract spam posts?

If a post has been inactive for a few months, some users with bad intent will try to post a message to that topic and promote their links to businesses or services.

Most of the time it is super obvious what they are doing and they get banned pretty quickly.

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Thanks @jwilkins.oboe