I am stuck with this forum someone plz help

i am getting loads of notifications and

i have some blue and some grey i have to click them to say they are read but there is over one hundred and twenty is there a simpler way to do it quicker

You can set your own notification preferences on the forum.
screenshot of user menu

there is a “dismiss” button or “mark all read”

to get so many notifications you may have set one or more subforums as “Watching” - anything, topic or subforum, set as watching will send you a notification with any update

you can check for subforums set as watching in the “Subforum” tab in your settings

thank you it worked

one more thing
on the right at the top there is three lines and when you click them on the left on the forth line there is a word CAKEDAY what is it

Can you please give us a shot of it?

it lists the people that have the anniversary of joining the forum today

if you look the people listed joined February 2nd of 2020,2019,2018…

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 11.54.06