I am stucked with the The Essential Web Developer Course FREE at upskillcourses.com

Hi Guys!

I really wanted finish this course, but it’s getting old and I’m stucked at the 126th video.
The Heroku doesn’t support ruby 2.3.3 anymore with rails 5.0.0.

Does it any chance for update my project to one stable version or I should drop my whole project to the rubbish? And how? I wanted this project into my portfolio.
The Heroic supported versions are from 2.7.7 and it has dependencies from rails 6.0.0.

HELP ME!:sob:

Have you contacted upskillcourses.com? This has nothing to do with freeCodeCamp…

Yes, I did. Isn’t it a forum? I asked help…

This is not a forum for that course. We can’t really help you fix technical issues with their website.

Firstly, welcome to the forums.

While we are primarily here to help people with their Free Code Camp progress, we are open to people on other paths, too. However, if you have questions that are specific to another learning platform, please keep in mind that it is likely that no one on this forum will know what you are referring to.

We don’t know what the 126th video of your course is about. We don’t know why you specifically want to use Ruby 2.3.3 or Rails 5.0.0 or Heroku.

The only advice that I can give, based on your post, is to use the most recent stable versions of languages and tools when building your project.

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