I am unable to pass the last test....Can anyone help me with it?

const sum = (function() {
“use strict”;
return function sum(…z) {

return z.reduce((a, b) => a + b,0);

console.log(sum(1,2,3)); // 6

What did you find the problem??

Can You describe it very Briefly please

It says that i am not using spread operator on the args parameter.And i am not getting what it means.

Here is a screenshot.

The hint I have is to declare the args variable inside the sum (function) instead of below where it is defined as a const…

Hint 2 - it is how you declare the args variable that will give half the solution.

Hint 3 - for full success you need to delete a line that is redundant within the sum function.

Hope that makes some sense!

Well, consider that your function has the z parameter and not the args parameter… the tests are really specific on these things