I Am Very Confused On What Web Design Actually Is

So after doing tons of research I came to this conclusion. The line between developer and designer is so blurred to me I really don’t know what the difference is. Why I ask this? I’m interested in getting into web design. I’m really good at photoshop, like I consider myself almost an expert but I seem to question this profession and what it actually is.

This is what I originally thought web design vs web development was. A designer designed a concept or theme of a website in Photoshop and handed over to a developer which turned the .psd into actual code, making that .psd actually function in a website. Now from what I understand is that they are both the same thing. Does being a designer really require you to HAVE full understanding of CSS and HTML. I mean I kind of have a basic understanding of the two languages but if you gave me thousands of lines of code I wouldnt know where to start.

If you knew some basic HTML and CSS it would help you and the developer to better communicate and understand each other (for example giving specifics about the web app to him). You could definitely work as a web designer and not have to write a single line of code.

I know a designer that barely writes any code at all but knows a little about what happens behind the hoods.

You could try learning to use CMS services and such.
Knowing some CSS frameworks would also help you and developer when you have to meet a tight deadline so you can create a design based on the CSS Frameworks.

The problem might be that you don’t much experience with web designing and they want an entry-level to also be able to write code.