I believe this sentence isn't correct

Hello, found a sentence that I believe isn’t correct.

This index doubles as the position of that item in the array, and how you reference it.”

Thank you.

could you please explain why you think it is not correct? thank you

I’m afraid I can’t make sense of what’s written, doesn’t the sentence means that for each position the index doubles?
position 2 → index 1;
position 3 → index 2;
position 4 → index 4?
position 5 → index 8?
Thank you for taking the time

Oh, maybe it means the index double’s when the position double’s, is that it? but when position 1 → index 0;
you can’t double 0, right?

it means that is both the position and the way to access the element, it’s one thing that doubles as two functions

OH! Got it, thank you.

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