I bellieve there is a bug error from 29-32 because i have not seen what is wrong. But i have continued

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Challenge: Step 32

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please give more details, what’s going on, what’s your code?

question 29 asked me to simply nest a label element and then nest an input element with type radio within it
question 30 asked me to link the label and input element that is the for attribute for loabel should be the same as input.
question 31 asked me to give the label a text and give the input a value attribute to be the same as the text.
question 32 asked me to make the radio buttons to be chosen one at a time i gave the two inputs the same name element and the first input i marked it as checked.
i did all this and even copied and pasted how it was done by Free Code Camp. Response was’nt seen on the Preview page.
So I assumed it was an error and continued .

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Have you passed the challenges successfully?

What do you mean that the response wasn’t seen in the preview?

i have not.
The browser page is not showing what is coded

Do you mean that it’s blank?

basically everything from the previous steps appear but the ones just recently coded will not apply. It occured for these numbers but when i reached 33 it started responding again

Some steps don’t do anything visual, but are still important for how the page work

Also if you are having issues passing a step, I suggest you ask for help

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